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Flint man’s choke death months after brother ‘accidental’

Mountain Park HotelImage copyright Google
Image caption Selwyn Francis died after choking on a piece of sausage at Mountain Park Hotel

The death of a man who choked on a piece of meat five months after his brother died in the same way was accidental, an inquest has concluded.

Selwyn Francis, 63, choked on food at a restaurant in Flint on 2 July and died in hospital two days later.

The cause was brain injury and cardiac arrest due to choking.

His death came a day after an inquest heard his brother Gwyn Francis had died after choking on a piece of steak at a pub, the hearing in Ruthin was told.

A statement from their brother Kenneth was read to the inquest.

He said Selwyn Francis’ ability to swallow food had been affected by him suffering a series of strokes last year.

The pair went to the Mountain Park Hotel for lunch to celebrate their other brother’s birthday when Selwyn choked.

The statement said: “Selwyn suffered from osteoarthritis in his fingers and wasn’t able to cut things up and had a habit of putting over sized food in his mouth and trying to swallow without chewing sufficiently.”

‘Fast eaters’

The hearing was told he quickly became distressed and began to choke. A similar incident happened about 18 months previously.

He turned blue, CPR was performed and paramedics initially struggled to see the piece of sausage in his throat.

Mr Francis was taken to Countess of Chester hospital and he died two days later.

“All three of us were fast eaters, none of us chewed food the recommended amount,” his brother’s statement added.

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